Links of London - What went wrong?


Links of London has been the latest casualty to the insolvency process, but was this another case of economic pressures facing retailers at the moment or more fundamental issues with the brand? 

As can be seen from Links of London's timeline in this article, there has been plenty of success in its three decade long history. However, Links of London lost its way. Whilst the likes of Pandora managed to retain its identity and transform into a multi-product offering at the same time a preserving its iconic charm bracelet, Links of London's products ended up in a void, both in terms of price point and brand reputation. 

My colleague Nicky Stewart shares our view in this Retail Gazette article.

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In a crowded market, Links of London is not clear who its target demographic is, and in challenging conditions where it is not competing on price, a retailer needs to be clear and get that message across on the right platforms.
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