Smaller hotels risk losing guests if they don't have electric vehicle charging


Boutique Hotelier has warned that smaller hotels are not adequately prepared for the upsurge in electric vehicle use.

The author of the report is Jon Maguire, Head of New Business at AEL and former Development Director at Legal & General. In his report, "Getting to Grips with Electric Vehicle Charging - Threat or Opportunity to the Hotel sector", he reveals the results of a survey of hotels in the Bath and West Wiltshire area. This revealed that few hotels had installed electric vehicle charge points and indicated a gap in understanding the electric vehicle market and the likely rapid increase of electric vehicles. Guests with an electric vehicle will insist on charging their vehicles overnight; hotels will either win or lose growing numbers of customers, dependent on access to charge points in their car-parks.

It can also be important to those who do not own a car to have access to a car club vehicle.  Having a hotel right next to a car club car or with a car club car in its own car park can be a serious advantage, particularly for Millennials who may travel to their destination by public transport, but need the flexibility of a car when they arrive.  Sharing is car-ing.

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Jon Maguire: “Of course, any hotel that doesn’t offer EV charging will lose business and this will be a growing trend. It’s a real threat. But for those hotels who install ahead of the rest, they’ll win new customers and generate new revenue from the sale of electricity. The car park isn’t always uppermost in a hotelier’s mind, but right now it really needs to be.”
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